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Sandy Franks Campbell

Marine Manager

Sandy Campbell, a graduate of the State University of New York Maritime College in Throgs Neck, New York is designated as a licensed Third Officer of motor vessels with unlimited tonnage by the United States Coast Guard. She holds a Master of Science degree in International Transportation Management and a Bachelors of Business degree in Management.


Her experience in the maritime industry has led her all over the world, with most of her time being spent travelling Europe and Asia. She has training in ship handling, navigation, watch standing and cargo operations from the ship operations aspect and in ship brokering, chartering, and supply chain management and logistics from the shore side aspect. She has worked in various ports around the world and has garnered experience in most facets of the industry.

She has held positions on container ships, general cargo ships, ro/ro vessels and most recently, gas tankers. She has navigated the world’s largest LNG (liquefied natural gas) carriers known as Q-Max ships. Her education and exposure has also landed her positions in business in management capacities, and she is well versed in business administration, charter parties, supply chain management and creating logistical solutions.

Sandy maintains that “developing Ship Mate has ushered in new and exciting challenges and a fresh approach to marine solutions. The company is committed to not only serving the industry, but being the go to company of choice for all maritime needs.”

Sandy has been featured in The Nassau Guardian, The Tribune and The Bahama Journal for her work in the maritime industry.

Sandy Franks Campbell