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Ship Mate Ltd. prides itself on being a quality shipping agency and provides agency services for vessels calling at Bahamian ports or transiting through its territorial waters. Ship Mate knows that an agent is literally a temporary member of the crew while ships are in port or at anchor. Providing sophisticated services to very demanding clients from all over the world is the challenge Ship Mate takes on proudly.

Agency services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Cruise ship, tankers, cargo vessel agents

  • Arrival and departure preparations

  • Customs clearing and immigration services for vessel

  • Crewing change, repatriation, hotel transfers and transportation arrangements

  • Ship Chandlers

  • Arranging medical services for crew

  • Spares and provisions

  • Husbandry services

  • CTM Service

  • Bunkers/fuel

  • Protection and indemnity services

  • Pilot booking

  • Crew entertainment

  • Trash removal

The 24/7 job of agents requires vast knowledge of each port’s specific safety and security rules and regulations, as well as local immigration and custom rules. The agent at time can act as the local representative for ship-owners, charterers and cargo shippers and receivers all at once.

Ship Mate Ltd. is positioned to provide up to the minute agency services with a compliment of staff with many years in the industry. Our team is as charismatic as the clients we serve and are passionate about everything shipping.