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Ship Mate Ltd. is appointed a Recognized Security Organization by the Bahamas Government. Ship Mate Ltd. provides maritime security services to Bahamian ports and harbors. The company assesses the facility by conducting a Port Facility Security Assessment and pinpoints the assets that must be protected, liaises with the CSO’s for participating ships and conducts maritime security consulting and management.

Comprehensive Facility Security Plans are drafted and implemented throughout the port. These plans guarantee the application of measures designed to protect the port facility, ships, persons, cargo, cargo transport units and ships stores within the port facility from the risks of a security incident. It also provides recommendations for enhanced security features and ensures that vessels involved in international voyages do not import or export threats and that visiting vessels are secure while visiting ports-of-call.

Ship Mate Ltd. conducts the following RSO services:

  • Port Facility Security Assessments (PFSA)
  • Port Facility Security Plans (PFSP)
  • Port Facility Security Audits
  • Ship Security Plans and audits
  • Conducts security monitoring for port facilities
  • Locates and eradicates deficiencies in ISPS facilities
  • Training for PFSO’s and other port facility security personnel
  • Monitoring and controlling access to the ship and port
  • Ensuring security information is promulgated efficiently
  • Counterterrorism activities