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Ship mate is the only company in the Bahamas where its management and principals are all former Merchant Marines that have sailed on every class of merchant vessel. Ship Mate principals have sailed as OIC (officer in charge) and PIC (person in charge) on merchant vessels. From tankers to Ro/Ro’s you can rest assured that knowing the ins and outs of your vessel operations is priority and interfacing with the port will be a pleasant experience. The wealth of knowledge gained from sailing on merchant vessels provides an invaluable resource that allows Ship Mate to provide first class service.

Small company, personalized service. In being a smaller company, attention to detail is paramount. Not only do we anticipate your every need, we already have solutions for them. One on one service with industry insiders is a plus for vessels on tight schedules and with minimal time to spare, and Ship Mate is ready to serve. We pride ourselves on offering specialized service with a focus on rapport building.

First hand industry experience. Ship Mate can boast of having seen firsthand the relationship that occurs when vessels call on ports around the world. Sailing experiences have provided management with the fundamental understanding and knowledge of the complex involvement in the planning and execution process of a berth to berth voyage. We are therefore more than capable of providing logistical, supply chain, operational and security related solutions.

Large network of external skilled Mariners. No problem is too big when it comes to ensuring our customers are satisfied. Because of our experience, we have a considerable network at our disposal that can be tapped into whenever needed. With this resource at our fingertips we are able to troubleshoot, get answer and or assistance and at a moment’s notice.

Trailblazers. Our attention and adaption to technology keeps us up to the minute with industry changes and gives us an edge. Our acute use of current technology make it extremely easy for us to be easily accessed by our customers. We utilize the best technology available for staying one step ahead and are available 24/7.