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Global trends confirm that shipping needs in the Caribbean region will continue to increase as new projects come on stream and other projects expand. Global trade, networking and constantly moving merchant vessels make the world a much smaller place. With continued development arises the need for continued innovation and growth, and Ship Mate is positioned to meet market needs. Our staff is ready to provide solutions and troubleshoot any transportation, supply chain or logistical problem that affects your business and come up with solutions through our years of industry exposure and our intricate network.

The goal of Ship Mate is to build long term committed relationships with our customers and be the go to company for all maritime related services. We intend to align our skill set with the needs of our clients and provide reliable solutions. The company was started to address the needs of the ever expanding industry and to provide added capabilities and proficiencies in the market. In this vein, its niche will be in providing prompt reliable service, with a focus on customer service and rapport building. With the goal of being the premier maritime services provider in the Caribbean, Ship Mate is poised to be a leader in providing on time support, consulting and marine services.