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Class A Captains License

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Must be a Bahamian citizens or resident.


  • Our course covers all requirements of the syllabus:
  • Boat Registration & Merchant Shipping Acts
  • The Nautical Chart & Chart Projections
  • Nautical Rules of the Road
  • Seamanship & Boat handling
  • Measuring and Plotting Latitude and Longitude
  • Calculating Dead Reckoning Position, Course, and Distances
  • Compensation for Wind, Tidal, and Ocean Currents
  • Deck Safety, Cargo Stowage, and Handling
  • Basic Ship Construction
  • Weather Patterns
  • Electronic Navigation
  • First Aid, Safety & Fire fighting

The written examination comprises of 100 multiple choice questions, one chart plotting exercises and a boat practical. The passing grade for the multiple choice section is 70% and for the chart work 90%.

The applicant must also successfully pass a boat practical exercise. Potential mariners should be capable of manoeuvring a vessel without supervision. As to the stipulated restrictions, an individual may obtain a higher licence based on the vessel being used to carry out this exercise.
Individuals are to provide a vessel of their choice. Restrictions could then be based on the size of the vessel the applicant is skilled in operating.

Supporting Documents

100/200 Tons Class “A” Master’s Licence

  • Must be a holder of a Class “B” Licence
  • Must be STCW certified
  • Must produce evidence of sea time of no less than three (3) months
  • Police Record
  • Proof of Citizenship
  • Photo Identification